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Based in Kettering, Northamptonshire . We design and develop websites for any industry, so whether you are looking for a fully fledged website with 20+ templates and a client portal or just a basic 10 page website, we are here to help. We like to keep things simple for our clients so they understand the process right from the beginning.

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Why choose Zestcode for Kettering based Web Development?

Our clean and stream lined process allows our clients to get their ideal website built without the stress and hassle you would normally expect.

We ensure that our clients are fully up to scratch with how things work and how websites are built before starting on the project, this makes things much easier for businesses getting a website built for the first time as they will be involved throughout the whole process.

Web Design Kettering
Why choose Zestcode for Kettering based Web Development?
Web Design Kettering
  • Our experienced designers and developers are ready to take any size project on board.
  • Websites we design and build are optimised to be high converting on all types of devices and browsers.
  • Our team will provide expert guidance and advice for businesses looking for a new website.
  • Multiple payment options allow our clients to spread the cost over the course of a year so cash flow won't be heavily impacted.

Web Design with Zestcode is not just a solution, it’s a partnership.
The growth of our clients inevitably fuels our own. This is why providing our clients with the highest quality service is in our best interest, so if you’re looking for a long term Web Design Partner, we’re the #1 option in Kettering.

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Many old school entrepreneurs have apprehensions regarding the usefulness of a website which is rich in graphic design. They believe that spending money on redesigning a website will not really make a difference to the company’s bottom line.

But if truth be told, it certainly matters whether a website is up-to-date or not. And if designed well, it can also drive a company’s sales and revenue. The design of a website can set a business apart from its competitors, if it succeeds at making a positive first impression on visitors.

The cumulative contribution of several factors turns a lead into a client. Good content, for instance, has its own place in the list of factors that must work in the favour of a business.

It is futile to try to ascertain which factor is more important than the rest because every aspect involved has its own significance. It is only when each of them blends together in a way that feels right, does a visitor take the leap and become a customer.


It is a well known fact that different demographics respond to different colour schemes. By employing a reputable web design Kettering agency, which uses colours that appeal to your local target audience, you can increase your conversion rates.

When combined with a cleverly written copy, a visually appealing colour scheme can have a profound psychological impact on the visitor and increases the chances of them paying for your product or service.

Converts faster

Over the years, the attention span of customers has shrunk considerably. If you put yourself in the shoes of a person who is visiting your website for the first time, you will know that placing too much of text on a webpage is not a strategy that is likely to work.

The moment consumers realise that it is going to take them a lot of time to consume the content that is before them, be it in the form of a text or video, most of them will press the exit button.

This makes design the ideal element of website content which can turn the tide in your favour. By using creative images and striking visuals, you will not only succeed at retaining visitors on your website but you will also be able to convert more of them into clients.


A well designed website says a lot about your business. For once it gives the impression that you are serious about growing it and that you are willing to provide a good customer service.

An important aspect of web design is hierarchy. A user shouldn’t find the structure to be confusing and the user journey shouldn’t be long or complicated either. There should be sufficient clarity regarding what you expect them to do.

The primary goals must be kept in mind and the secondary goals should be introduced only after the main objective has been achieved. For instance, you cannot push visitors to purchase items related to the main product unless they have purchased it.

Our prices depend on various factors, so to get an accurate estimation of cost we, recommend that you request a call back. We’ll ask a few questions about your project such as; what features and interactivity you’ll need, who will handle content development and whether or not you’d like to sell online.

After this short discussion, we should be able to give you a baseline figure. If you’re still interested, we’ll be happy to develop a comprehensive proposal that outlines the scope, process and costs.

When businesses are looking to lower the costs of building a website, they often resort to measures that can do more harm than good to their digital marketing strategy. One of these desperate measures is to develop a website by themselves.

DIY websites are not entirely free of cost, which means that you may have to incur some losses as well should you decide to bring experts onboard later. If you are serious about making your business successful, it is unlikely that you will take such steps that have such a high probability of setting you and your business back.

A not-so-good Job

If YouTube videos are to be believed, it shouldn’t take you more than quarter of an hour to turn into a good developer and designer. But without having the right skill set, there is a high possibility that you may create a mess out of your website. The end result is that you have wasted a lot of time on a task which you have to eventually outsource to a professional.

You may have to pay later

There are many free websites which do not offer a customised portion, wherein you have the liberty to design as you want to. For this reason several websites have been abandoned. If you’re not satisfied with the level of customisation being offered for your DIY website, you may have to hire a developer and designer later which means you will eventually pay fees which you could have done first and saved time and effort.

Less Secure

Custom built websites are comparatively more secure than DIY websites. The possibility of your website getting hacked is higher, if it is a DIY website. This is especially true for websites that plan on including an online payment system. For e-commerce websites, custom development and design will instil a sense of confidence and security in your consumers and they will not refrain from making online payments.

At Zestcode, we design to convert. We are aware that the end goal of any business is to make profits and that a website which doesn’t bring in clients is just an overhead cost at the end of the day. Our sole purpose is not to make the site look better but to create a website which creates opportunities for business.

We are good listeners and this is what sets us apart from other web design Kettering agencies. It can be particularly infuriating for businesses when they explain their objectives clearly to a web designer only to receive a website which is nowhere close to what they really wanted. We listen closely to everything you have to say about your website because it is your website after all.

We are well aware that web design is an industry which changes even as we speak. We take pride in the fact that we have not just evolved along with it but have helped many businesses achieve their dreams along the way.

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